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Understanding Russian (and Eastern) women

What is your thought when you come across a tall, slim, elegant woman with long blond or brown hair and azure or emerald green eyes? What words come to mind? Ah, it must be a woman from Eastern Europe, Russian, Czech, but still Ukrainian! Why this certainty? Why can't this divine beauty be and should not be from here?

Indeed, in addition to having a very advantageous genetics, Slavic women are also women who know how to show off! This is why they are so visible, the superlatives are linked when we meet a woman with Slavic origins, what a cannon, what a bomb, too sexy...

Femininity, the beauty of a mysterious woman you have always dreamed of! On top of that, they are polite and kind women. Of course they know they are beautiful, but they are more accessible than Western women because the competition between them is fierce.

But then why do Russian and Slavic women in general prefer Westerners?

Russian women, even if they are a little cold at first glance, adore Western men and in particular Francophones (France, Belgium, Switzerland). But why therefore this attraction when in France the cultivated Western men are no longer really in fashion because French women especially young (like) typical men dressed in tracksuits, basketball, city boy

Conversely, Russian women like elegant cultivated men, strong and sensitive in Saint Laurent or Givenchy, they hate men in Lacoste tracksuits. They prefer Westerners too compared to Russian men, because Russian men drink a lot of alcohol and are sometimes violent, they are also unfaithful, because they have a lot of choice of beautiful women in Russia. For Russian women, the physical is less important, it must first be kind, honest, and take care of it. The age gap also is not an obstacle, the elderly man represents for him safety and comfort.

To sum up, the western man is like Prince Charming, whom they have always dreamed of with his romantic French culture, his monuments and his great poets.

Even time has changed a lot in the meantime, they still have the image of a romantic man and passionate stories like Romeo and Juliet.

They imagine in him an excellent father and a man very attached to his children, deeply involved in the family and the education of his offspring.

How to approach a Russian woman?

You can try an approach with a Russian woman who will be equal with a few compliments and a smile. You will then have all his attention to discover the Russian woman in all her splendor. A simple but sophisticated woman, curious and cultivated, a woman who loves mature men see the wall.

Russian women are not shy and they are not cold when it comes to dressing sexy, but you can choose with your eyes closed a Russian woman if you want a more serious relationship, because in addition to Being excellent mothers, Russian women turn out to be extremely cultivated, exciting and independent women.

Russian women all have in common the desire for frank, sincere and lasting love. Most wish to marry and start a family or for those over 40 years to start a new life with a sincere and honest man. Obviously, it is not for them to choose anyone, but the person who will show that he is in love and stable.

Russian women will embody wonderful mothers for those who want to be, but also fabulous wives. Russian women, although ambitious, are not for sale.

What about Ukrainian women ?

They all include "The Slavic Beauty" of the Balkan Countries, but one can easily distinguish them from Russian women. They are usually younger in their heads and they love to party, dress sexy, flirt and flirt with the boys.

Many young Europeans and Americans in search of thrills go each year to the Ukrainian capital in the clubs and bars of Kiev for the pleasure of the eyes and to have adventures. Even if they appear modern in their appearances, they also have an old maid side with patriarchal values. They are therefore respectful and obedient to fathers and therefore to men in general. So stay respectful and patient to get what you want from these women.

It seems good to break the preconceived ideas: no, Russian, Ukrainian women do not run after money. The women registered on our site come have for many, a stable job which already enables them to provide for their needs, but they will be ready to follow you by true love. Slavic women easily learn foreign languages and for love in 1 year they will speak a very understandable French because the Russian language includes all the sounds of the French language already.

Meeting a Russian or Ukrainian woman is an opportunity to open up to new cultures, to new horizons and to share intense moments of discussion.

With PrivetVIP here is a unique opportunity to take the first step and why not go spend a few days in Russia or Ukraine and visit magnificent places accompanied by the most beautiful women in the world.

We wish you great meetings in your research!