How to seduce a Polish woman?

How to seduce a Polish woman?

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Seducing or marrying  Polish women: what you need to know.

Sweet and charming, Polish women embody absolute femininity, elegance, but also style. Do you want to flirt with a Polish woman, or are you already in love and you want to embark on a serious story … or even marry her? Here are a few things that might interest you.

The physical assets of Polish women

You can easily mistake a Polish woman for a Russian or a German if you don’t pay attention to the details. Polish women have thick lips and a broad nose. Perhaps due to the maturity of their faces, a Polish woman will seem older compared to a Russian woman of the same age. Then there is their posture and their shoulders straight. A famous Polish face? Barbara Brylska, the actress with long, blond and shiny hair from “Irony of Fate”. Then there is the famous model Monika Jagaciak.

What other assets apart from the physical?

Polish women have great confidence in their physical beauty. They are very confident unlike the Ukrainian women who are rather discreet. These women are mostly ambitious and excessive. They like to laugh, enjoy life and show off their beautiful curves. So flirting with a Polish woman will go through pretty compliments on her beauty.

Polish women are not picky (which does not mean the opposite). They are sociable and come into contact fairly easily. In addition, they are open to everyone as long as they feel comfortable. They are not afraid to show their feelings. They speak well and always behave charmingly. It will be difficult not to fall in love and want to kiss on the first date, but first take the time to get to know each other well if you want to marry a Polish woman.

Polish women and almost inseparable religion

To flirt with a Polish woman, it will be necessary to give importance to her religion. You know that the Poles, all of them, are very religious? There is no age. They can go to the church up to 3 times a day to pray. In Polish custom, neglecting religion and the church can lead to social as well as professional problems.

Young people may even have problems at school if they do not show up for church. For those who do not know, the late Pope John Paul II is of Polish origin. If you want to marry a Polish woman, you should find out about Catholic practices. As a result, many Polish women wait a long time to have sex. You shouldn’t expect to sleep too quickly.

The modern Polish woman

Poles attach crucial importance to their appearance. It will be very rare to see a Polish woman leaving her home without makeup. Compliment your beloved on her natural beauty without makeup, without criticizing her way of applying makeup or her habits. She will take it well if you know how to do it. They don’t get worked up for nothing and love to laugh. So work on your sense of humor if you want to seduce on a Polish woman or marry one.

If you want to give gifts to a Polish woman, consider beauty products. These are gifts that combine business with pleasure. Among the well-known and acclaimed Polish brands, you have in particular Kolastyna, Dermika, Pollena-Ewa or even Dr Irena Eris.

Polish women dress discreetly. They are naturally chic with practical everyday outfits. The majority of Polish women dress in a simple and relaxed manner. If you have a preference for women who highlight their physical assets, offer feminine and glamorous clothes to your sweetheart. However, you will have to wait until you are really in a relationship, at the risk of offending your Polish girlfriend.