Russian women, find out more about them…

Russian women, find out more about them…

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Everyone has heard of the legendary beauty of Russian women but do they have other qualities? Because only a graceful physique does not guarantee a successful union.

The majority of men who are with a Russian woman have noticed that they are very feminine, attached to family values. The success of their personal life is often more important than their professional life.

Pampering their husbands and children is a priority unlike the West, where women are increasingly devoted to their careers and social lives.

Russian women, what type of man is she looking for?

Russian women generally like to reassure men, who are stable in founding a sincere and lasting union.

They attach more importance to personality, to what kind of person you are. While for the Western Women the physical is essential. (this is normal because they have a choice)

Their criteria are therefore classic. They are looking for a masculine, intelligent man with a correct professional situation.

Why are there so many single Russian and Slavic women?

It is not a legend, but Russian women outnumber men, hence their difficulty in finding a man in their country and their search for foreign men.

It is also true that for some the Russian man is too macho. He sometimes has alcohol problems and is a womanizer (there are so many beautiful Russian women available).

Strengthened by this observation, certain large Russian cities such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara saw the growth of marriage agencies. Note that it is the same phenomenon in Ukraine in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa …

Why meet a Russian woman rather than a Western woman?

There are very few interesting Western women who are over 30 years old. If you take a look at Meetic or Tinder, you will be surprised at the lack of response. Unless you are an Apollo… and again.

It’s a relationship story that often dictates things and the relationship is against men here.

To meet a Russian woman is often to have a prettier, more feminine, more dapper and enthusiastic woman than our female counterparts who have already seen everything, especially if they are pretty.

If you take her smart (many Russian women are well educated) she will speak English (or French, German etc) 2 years later to a level you would not have suspected because Russians have the greatest facility for learning a foreign language.

You can also be 10 or 15 years of age difference without shocked her. Besides she will laugh a lot without even believing you when you explain to her that we have specialized dating sites for cougars (besides she don’t even know what it is) and that on swingers’ websites a 55 year old woman can sleep every night with a beautiful 35 year old kid!

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