Romanian women

Romanian women

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One of the most beautiful treasures of Romania is the beauty of Romanian women. Like the famous gymnast Nadia Comaneci, they are all true wonders. Romanian women have all the necessary assets to seduce foreigners who are not used to such beauties.

But wait, there’s more. They also have a strength of character that will differentiate them from other foreigners. The sun (as hot as in Italy!) and the Slavic criteria of beauty make a perfect combination! So to seduce and charm, they don’t have to put in a lot of effort.

Understanding the lifestyle of the Romanian woman

To seduce a Romanian, talk to her about Romania without going into too much detail. A few things to know: this is a beautiful region whose main tourist attraction is the Black Sea coast to the east. Who knows, maybe you will go there to meet a beautiful Romanian?

If many people think that the Romanian language is a Slavic language, in reality it is false. It’s a Latin language quite close to Italian. Many Romanians leave for work in the West, in Italy or in France as soon as they are old enough to work. Indeed, the economic situation is rather difficult. The people have lived 30 years of poverty and communism. They participated in the repayment of the debts of their country.

Therefore, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that money matters to Romanians, and that Romanian women survive by all means. They learn to cope very early. So if you want to seduce a Romanian, listen to her needs. Arranged marriages are not uncommon in the country, take this into account if you wish to marry one…

Romania, the crossroads of several cultures

Slavic, Byzantine, Eastern and Western, all these cultures are present in Romania. The Romanian people attach daily importance to their traditions. However, this has not prevented modernity from entering their way of life, especially in urban areas.

You will notice a big contrast between the archaic cities which are picturesque and where time seems to have stood still, and the modern cities. It would be interesting to know where exactly your correspondent comes from, to better identify and seduce her.

Seduce Romanian women by speaking your own language

If you are interested in a Romanian woman or have fallen in love with one of these beautiful creatures, you should know that they speak English. Today, young Romanians learn English, like many countries of the former Soviet Union.

Romanian women : among the most beautiful women in the world

They have the face, the hair and the physique which seem to have been well calculated to harmonize. Their charm is very natural and they are aware of it. As a result, very few of them are dyeing their hair.
They don’t need a ton of makeup to look good. However, they do not neglect their appearance. Always well dressed, Romanian women have confidence in themselves, and this is attractive from the first contact. The dense brown hair matches perfectly with their elongated nose.

Romanian women look like Belarusians women. Their black and shiny eyes attract attention from the first date. Without being easy to seduce, they are not really difficult. Gallantry, gifts, a listening ear will be useful to seduce a Romanian.