How to seduce a Belarusian woman?

How to seduce a Belarusian woman?

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About Belarusian women

It must be said that Belarusian women have everything to please. In addition to their beauty and unique charm, they are gentle, generous and hardworking. To seduce a Belarusian woman however requires effort on your part and at least the will to understand their way of life and their culture.

The main characteristics of a Belarusian woman

Do you want to seduce a Belarusian woman? Check these few criteria carefully to make sure you are wooing the woman of your dreams. Certain characteristics make a Belarusian woman stand out from other Slavic nations. These points are typical Belarusian. For example, Belarusian girls are not really followers of beauty and cosmetic products. Their dense and chic natural hair doesn’t really need to be treated. They have fairly expressive facial features.

The majority of Belarusian women are tall. This is rare, but you may still come across small Belarusian girls.

Also, you have to remember that there is no dark skin in Belarus, at least, not Belarusians. Unlike Ukrainian women who have dark eyes, Belarusian girls have blue eyes with light brown hair… This adds one more twist to their charm. Very few Belarusians dye their hair. Few Russian women have natural fuller lips. The Belarusians have them and can boast about them. Their faces are wider, and their upturned noses add to their authentic charm.

Understanding the Belarusian woman

Women in Belarus are used to living modestly. Most work in the health sector or in social services. Generally, their salary does not exceed 500 dollars a month. The level of education is higher for women than for men in Belarus. Nevertheless, Belarusian women place great importance on their families and their role as mothers. They are sociable, patient and gentle.

Unlike Russian and Ukrainian women, they are much easier to live in a romantic relationship. If you are a foreigner and you love the women of this country, you will be able to get along easily with them. In a relationship of couple, they are undemanding and more posed than the other women of the East.

Many of them live alone, because in Belarus there are more women than men around 54% according to the latest statistics, which brings to a female population of around 5 million. As a result, they are not uncommon to spend their 30s on their own. This increases your chances of successfully seducing a Belarusian woman and of taking ownership of her heart.

What they expect from a man

Belarusian women appreciate simplicity in their partner. Modesty is a quality that you must have or must cultivate to reach their hearts. Earlier we talked about a shortage of men. That’s why they are passionate and loving when they meet a man they think is right.

Belarus is a patriarchal country where man occupies an important place. They expect no less from you. To seduce a Belarusian woman, you must be a man of your word, trustworthy and caring. They like men who trust them and who know how to make decisions. You have to act like a real gentleman, a man, a real man.

The right gestures to adopt to seduce a Belarusian woman

They are eternal romantic even though they have their feet on the ground. Use your romanticism to seduce a Belarusian woman. They like to receive compliments. The beauty of the women of their country no longer really attracts the men of Belarus, because they are used to seeing beauty since always.

Flowers have an important place in the culture of Belarus. Giving one to a woman means you want to start a serious relationship with her. In addition to all this, you can take it from time to time to the restaurant. They like luxury living, but can still be content with what they have in their hands. Belarusian women embody the beauty and ideal character that most men seek in a woman.