7 Irresistible Qualities of Russian Women

7 Irresistible Qualities of Russian Women

8 February 2017 1 By PrivetVIP

Russian women are incredible. They really are.

But I think you already know that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be on this site. You are here because you want to meet the Russian woman of your dreams. You are ready to meet your special someone.

Just imagine how it would feel like to wake up next to a woman who is so beautiful that you can’t believe that she is real. Imagine how it would feel to look into the eyes of a woman who is everything you ever wanted.

But Russian women are so much more than just beautiful. Their physical beauty is just the cherry on the cake. What’s even more important is that they have certain qualities that are irresistible to men.

What? You don’t believe me?

Then have a look at the following seven qualities and tell me if you would date a woman who has these qualities.

1. They Have Traditional Family Values

There’s nothing more important to a Russian woman than her family. She cares about her family members and as her boyfriend or husband, she cares about you with the same intensity and dedication.

While women in the West are raised with the belief that living as independently as possible is the path to fulfillment, Russian women are raised with the belief that family is an important part of life. But there’s more to it. She not only beliefs that family is an important part of life, she knows that family is what makes us happy.

Unfortunately, many women in the West are denying this simple truth. The women in Russia don’t. They know about the importance of family and they know the important role that their husband plays as a member of the family.

2. They Expect their Man to Lead

Are you a leader?

In case the answer is no, you need to work on yourself. Sorry, but if you want to date a stunning Russian woman, you need to know how to lead. And no, I’m not talking about leading with fear. I’m talking about leading with compassion and respect.

In Russia the man is seen as the head of the family. He’s the one who makes the important decisions. He’s the one who leads. What about his wife? She’s the one who supports him and who is there for him when he needs her help, love and support.

This healthy symbiosis guarantees a happy relationship.

3. They Are Loyal to Their Husbands

Loyalty is extremely important for Russian women. Thanks to the important role that family plays in the Russian society, these ladies are very loyal. However, they also expect loyalty from their boyfriends and husbands.

But I guess that’s exactly what you want. You are here because you are looking for a woman who’s loyal. The woman of your dreams will appreciate this about you.

4. They Have the Vision to Help You to Achieve Yours

Family is important to her, but it’s even more important for her to support her family members. Remember, as her husband you are a part of her family. Your vision is her vision. That’s not something that you should take for granted.

Women in the West are definitely not like that. Usually, they are too busy thinking about their own career. They neither have the time nor the interest to support you and your dreams.

Russian women are different. All they think about is to support you and to help you to achieve your goals. These beautiful ladies know that helping their men to follow their vision ensures a happy and healthy relationship.

5. They Don’t Let Their Husbands Starve

In case you end up marring a beautiful Russian lady, you won’t ever have to starve. No, seriously. You won’t believe how good Russian women are at cooking. She learned it from her mother and her mother learned it from her grandmother.

She knows how to cook Beef Stroganoff, Blini and Potato Okroshka. And she also knows that a husband with a full stomach is a happy husband. Believe me, she won’t let you starve.

She’s too afraid that you would tell her mother and if her mother would hear that her daughter lets her husband starve, it can get really nasty. Russians are proud of their food and she will be proud that you can’t get enough of it.

6. They Respect Men

One of the biggest fears of Western men, at least nowadays, is to be treated with disrespect. And to be honest, I can understand this fear. Everyone who has ever dated women in the West knows that disrespectful behavior is the norm, not the exception.

But don’t worry. This won’t happen to you when you are dating a Russian lady. The women in this country are raised with the belief that respect is an important value, especially when it comes to having respect of men.

The women in this part of the world respect their men, at least as long as their men treat them with the same respect.

7. They Appreciate the Fact That You Are a Gentleman

Being a gentleman is amazing. Seriously, it feels so good to give women compliments and to hold the door for them. It makes me feel like a man.

Unfortunately, many Western women don’t appreciate it when a man acts like a real gentleman. Instead of being happy about the fact that they are dating a gentleman, they think that this behavior is somehow weird and awkward.

We live in crazy times.

Of course, this behavior is anything but weird. It’s only weird because society is telling women that a woman needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle. Women are strong and independent. They can open the door themselves. At least that’s what the women in the West believe.

Thank God Russian women are not like that. They love it when a man holds the door for them, brings flowers, and kisses their hand. These romantic gestures make them smile. They feel appreciated and loved when the man they are dating behaves like a gentleman.

Russian women love gentlemen and you will love Russian women.


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